Working Holiday Visa for Australian Citizens



The Governments of Japan and Australia commenced the Japan-Australia Working Holiday Arrangements as of 1 December 1980. The arrangement is intended to promote personal exchange between young people of Japan and Australia. It provides the opportunity for both Japanese visiting Australia and Australians visiting Japan to undertake casual employment in order to supplement their holiday expenses while travelling for an extended period.


1. This programme is not designed for persons who mainly intend to work or study in Japan (for which purposes the appropriate visa should be sought)




To be eligible to participate in the Working Holiday Arrangement, one must satisfy the following requirements:

  • (A) Be an Australian citizen and currently reside in Australia. Accordingly, Australian citizens who are travelling or living abroad will not be eligible. In the case when a married couple wish to enter Japan under the Working Holiday Arrangement and one of the spouses is not an Australian citizen, that spouse will not be eligible
  • (B) Intend primarily to holiday in Japan for an extended period. It is considered inappropriate for people such as professional sports persons, models and entertainers to engage in their professional activities during their stay in Japan
  • (C) Be aged between 18-30 (both inclusive) at the time of application for visa and never previously obtained a Working Holiday Visa
  • (D) Not be accompanied by children
  • (E) Possess a valid passport
  • (F) Possess a reasonable amount of funds for one’s maintenance during the initial period of the stay in Japan. The minimum amount for a single person is $2500 and for a married couple $3500. Please note in addition to the $2500, further funds must be available to pay for the airline ticket to and from Japan.
  • (G) Be in good physical and mental health and be of good character.


The following special conditions must be abided by if you wish to work in Japan on a Working Holiday.

  • (1) To fully appreciate the many different aspects of Japan it is required that the working holiday applicant moves to different areas within Japan at approximately 3-month intervals.
  • (2) Work in nightclubs, bars and cabarets, dance halls, pachinko bars etc., is not allowed. The Act Controlling Business Affecting Public Morals (Fueiho), Article 2; section 1 and 4, specifies these prohibited areas of work.


    We do not accept documents via USB, nor can we print documents for you.

    • 1. Original (no copies) valid passport
    • 2. One completed visa application form per applicant (form provided here)
    • (All sections must be completed. If a question does not apply to you please write "N/A").
    • 3. Recent passport sized photograph 
    • (Taken within the last 6 months)
    • 4. Resume
      Including educational background, work experience, hobbies and other relevant information.
    • 5. Purpose of visit (at least A4 in length)
      Stating your past interests of Japan and their relationship to this trip, intended activities whilst in Japan, the relationship between this trip and your future plans.
    • 6. Proposed schedule (form provided here)
      Intended schedule for the first 6 months must be completed without writing “as above” or “unknown”.
      Please note you cannot stay in one region for more than 3 months as this visa is intended to travel around Japan with the main purpose being to holiday.
    • 7. Financial statements
      Transaction record or bank statement for your savings bank account showing the last 3 months worth of transactions to show you are able to support yourself for the duration of your trip.
      The number of transactions is irrelevant. Please ensure your full name the dates and sufficient funds are visible.
    • 8. Declaration of intent (form provided here)
      Two points of contact while you are in Japan. The points of contact may be friends or family in Australia or in Japan.
    • 9. Flight details (flights do NOT have to be purchased)
      Intended flight schedule typed up or screen shots of flights intended to be booked showing all stops including any transit destinations.
      If flights are already purchased, a copy of all flight tickets.
    • 10. Work or language course enrolment details
    • A copy of your employment contract or documents provided from your employer in Japan. The document should include: the duration of work, the number of days per week, number of hours per day, job description, company details and the salary.
    • If you will be attending a casual language course, details about the language school such as company name, address, contact details as well as general details such as duration of the course, cost of the course, whether the course has been paid for already or not, confirmation of enrollment etc. are required.
    • 11. Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS) Certificate 
    • This can only be applied for by the sponsor of your visa i.e. your employer or school in Japan.
    • Should your sponsor require details on how to obtain this document and who to contact, information can be found at the link below.


  • We cannot renew your Working Holiday Visa in our office. This can only be done at the immigration office in Japan.
  • The above documents and your passport must be submitted to this office in person between 9am - 12:00 or 1:30pm - 4pm Monday to Friday (except for public holidays) and it is not necessary to make an appointment to lodge your documents. However, those who reside in remote areas can apply by post. Please contact the visa section for more details.
  • All documents submitted must be originals or certified copies of the original documents unless indicated otherwise. Documents submitted with the application WILL NOT be returned. Please ensure that you have personal copies for your reference.
  • The working holiday visa is valid for twelve months. Applicants must enter Japan within twelve months from the date of issue of the visa.
  • A period of stay of up to six months will be initially granted at the port of entry. This may be extended up to an additional six months by the Immigration Authorities in Japan.
  • Further information may be required and some applicants may require an interview, however we will contact you if this is necessary.
  • Once the visa has been issued, it will not be reissued under ANY circumstances. (For example: lost/stolen passport)
  • There is no fee for the working holiday visa application.


    If deemed appropriate by the relevant authorities, this visa can be extended at your nearest Department of Immigration Office in Japan. Please attend to the extension prior to the expiration of your visa.

    Please download the following forms for your working holiday visa application:

  • Visa application form with QR code
  • Visa application form without QR code (for handwriting)
  • Other forms for working holiday visa applicationpdf


*Additional documents may be required if necessary. 
*Documents submitted with the application will not be returned (except passport and certificate of eligibility)
*Each applicant (including children) must prepare separate documents. 
*Visa fees vary. We will advise you at the time of application.
*If the applicant (including child) is unable to visit our office, please kindly advise us before you come to our office. We will advise you extra documents to submit
* The result for the visa will take some time to issue and therefore the pick up date is unknown. We will contact you once your visa is ready for collection.
* A flight is NOT required to be booked to apply for this letter however details such as departure date (of Australia), flight number, (air)port of entry are required for the application form so please look into what is available. Should you not take that flight or the details change, that is fine.
* Please note that an appointment is not required to submit a visa application however, please double check our office holidays as we are closed for Australian public holidays as well as several Japanese public holidays. 
* For entry (and re-entry) procedures of Japan, please click here.