Entertainer Visa (without a Certificate of Eligiblity)



Those who hold an “Entertainer” Certificate of Eligibility, please click here.

Activities to engage in theatrical performances, arts, dance, musical performances, sports, or any other show business and activities such as the production of television programs or movies, modeling etc.

The applicants who wish to enter Japan under this category should obtain, in principle, a Certificate of Eligibility.

However, the following applicants may, in the place of a Certificate of Eligibility, submit the documents listed below to this office in order to apply for the “Entertainer” visa.

Professional sportspeople (golfers, tennis players, surfers, etc), or professional car racers or motor bike riders including non-performing members accompanying the racers or riders (e.g. car mechanics, trainers, etc) who have been invited to Japan either to perform publicly for remuneration or to participate in a competition involving prize money.

Please note that if an applicant is unsure as to what category he/she falls under, the applicant should contact the visa section directly to avoid confusion.

The following must be submitted by those applying without Certificate of Eligibility:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. One passport photograph
  3. One completed visa application form
  4. Applicant’s continuous professional history outlining professional experience to date
  5. One applicant’s professional working photograph
  6. A letter of Invitation from Japan
  7. A letter of Guarantee from the promoter or agent in Japan
  8. Documents regarding the business operation of the promoter or agent in Japan
    • Transcript of corporate registration (Tohki jikoh shomeisho)
    • Balance sheet and profit & loss statement (Son Eki keisansho)
  9. Schedule of performances in Japan as well as information on venues, prize money etc.

Please note that additional documents may be requested if necessary.