Current requirements and information on travel to Japan

Currently, those who enter, re-enter or return to Japan from Australia (including Japanese nationals) must still prepare the following documents.

1  Required Documents to Enter Japan

1. Your valid visa and passport ​ OR  visa exempt passport.
2. A valid vaccine certificate  OR  negative PCR test certificate (see below)
3. Answer the Ministry of Health questionnaire or register with Visit Japan Web 
4. For those who entering Japan from China (excluding Hong Kong) starting December 30th, 2022

Visit Japan Web is a web service for smooth arrival procedure at airport. This service is for both international travelers and Japanese citizens and this can be used for Quarantine, Immigration, and Customs declaration procedures.

If you have a trouble uploading your data, please check the 
instruction manualFAQ or contact the Digital Agency.

For more details on required documents to enter Japan, please see here (Ministry of Health link)


2 Overview of the Border Measures

 Valid vaccination certificate Pre-departure test Questionnaire
(Visit Japan Web)
On-arrival test Isolation
       Yes    Not required  
*If you have been in China in the last 7 days, check here
       No     Required

For more details on border measures, please visit the Ministry of Health's website. Don't forget to follow mask use in community settings and other health guidelines!


Accompanying Children

Children’s age Valid Vaccination Certificate
(3+ shots)
Accompanying parent or guardian’s vaccine or PCR status Pre-departure Negative PCR Certificate required
Over 6 years-  Under 18 years With N/A No
Without With Valid Vaccination Certificate No
Without Valid Vaccination Certificate, with Negative PCR Certificate Yes
Under 6 years Without Without Valid Vaccination Certificate, with Negative PCR Certificate No

Children under 18 travelling with a fully vaccinated guardian are exempted from the vaccine requirements for entry.
They will still need complete the Ministry of Health's questionnaire.

Please note that this exemption does not apply to children under 18 travelling by themselves; they will need to obtain a negative PCR test as below.
For further details, see page 13 of the Ministry of Health's Q & A


3 Negative PCR Test Certificate

For those who are not vaccinated 3 times, the certificate of negative test result of pre-departure COVID-19 test must be conducted within 72 hours*.

Please see here for a list of medical institutions in Australia which can fill out the test certificate.
(Please note that the PCR test certificate does not have to be obtained by one of the clinics listed above.)

The Japanese Government format of the PCR test certificate can be found here.
If the format is not used, please ensure all required information is included. Required information can be found here.

*The 72 hours for the certificate refers to from the sampling time to departure time of the flight. Should you have any specific enquiries regarding the PCR test certificate, please contact the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) directly for more information as below;

MHLW COVID-19 Information Hotline
Calling from within Japan:0120-565-653
Calling from overseas: +81-3-3595-2176
(Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean speakers available)
For Children Under 6
In case the accompanying guardian does not hold a valid vaccination certificate and enters Japan with a negative certificate, preschool-aged children (generally under the age of 6) are not required to provide a negative certificate. 

☆ FAQ of Certificate of Testing for Entering Japan (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) and Border Measures FAQ

4 Various Points of Contact

o Regarding the strengthened quarantine measures: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)
Calling from within Japan: 0120-565-653
Calling from overseas: +81-3-3595-2176
(Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean speakers available)

o Information Centers & One-Stop Consultation Centers: Immigration Services Agency of Japan
Calling from overseas: +81-3-5796-7112
Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Nepali, Indonesian, Thai, Khmer (Cambodia), Myanmar Language, Mongolian, French, Sinhala, and Urdu

o Foreign residents support center, Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa information
TEL: 0570-011000 (Navigation Dial: follow the prompts, after pressing 1 for Japanese, please press 5.)

For information on countries subject to visa restriction measures, please check the home page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

5 Border Enforcement Notices

1 December - Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
29 November - Application for foreign nationals eligible for Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel
9 November - COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates Valid for Entry into Japan from Abroad
5 November - New Measures for Border Enforcement (19)