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The Consulate-General of Japan, Brisbane, produces a free e-newsletter called "Consulate Updates", which features a range of information on current and upcoming Japan-related events, programs, scholarships, contests and more across Queensland.


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"Consulate Updates" - September 2022 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - August 2022 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - July 2022 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - June 2022 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - May 2022 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - April 2022 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - February-March 2022 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - January 2022 Issue


"Consulate Updates" - November-December 2021 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - September-October 2021 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - August 2021 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - July 2021 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - June 2021 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - April/May 2021 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - March 2021 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - February 2021 Issue

"Consulate Updates" - January 2021 Issue


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