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 About the Consulate-General of Japan

The Consulate-General in Brisbane was established in 1966. It is part of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a Japanese diplomatic mission it has a variety of responsibilities and roles. Working towards strengthening the relationship between Japan and Queensland is one of its responsibilities. Roles of the Consulate-General include serving the interests of Japanese nationals living in Queensland and also offering assistance to Australians who seek to visit or learn more about Japan.
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When visiting the Consulate-General of Japan

Opening hours

All visitors are required to show one form of photographic identification to the security guard stationed at the main door before they will be permitted to enter. (Please do this before using the facilities.) Preferred forms of identification are a valid passport or driver's licence.

Due to security reasons and for the safety of all guests, visitors are not permitted to bring the following items into the reception area: mobile phones, cameras, video recorders, audio recorders and other similar devices.

All visitors who arrive with the above-mentioned items are requested to hand them in to the security guard. Visitors will then receive a tag for their items. Please return this tag to the security guard to receive your items before leaving.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

New Immigration Procedures

In 2006 the Ministry of Justice submitted a bill to the ordinary session of the Diet to make amendments to the Immigration Control Act. The bill was enacted and new immigration procedures came into effect November 2007.
The new procedures are to help facilitate the prevention of terrorist attacks. They also aim to make Japan a safe place to live for Japanese and non-Japanese visitors and residents alike. For further information on the new procedures please click on the following link: New Entry Procedures pdf

Customs and Quarantine


Police Certificate

Police Certificates from the Japanese Police Agency are issued only when they are required by foreign governments.

The certificate may be used for certain purposes such as applications for Australian citizenship, Australian visas, teacher registration, or the Australian Security Identification Card (ASIC).

Applicants who wish to apply for the certificate for any reason other than mentioned above need to contact our office for eligibility and the appropriate application procedure.

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